Generating real world evidence on the effects of different treatment options by applying AI Methods to anonymized claims data of public health insurances - and make it usable for decission makers at the point of care.

Rapid Evidence Generators (REG)

The Rapid Evidence Generators (REG), developed in cooperation with payors, medical experts and researchers, is intended to obtain new evidence for the effectiveness of specific treatment patterns on defined outcomes, also for special patient groups.
It takes advantage of the large number of individual cases and the wide range of long-term treatment courses in anonymized claims of public health insurances. Specific research questions can be submitted in the Rapid Evidence Generator section.

Rapid Evidence Repository (RER)

The Rapid Evidence Generator results will become available at the point of care by a Rapid Evidence Repository (RER) in compliance with all data protection regulations. There, physicians can enter the patient's characteristics and treatment goals after consent and rapidly obtain information on the potential effect of the different treatment options available, as well as links to the respective evidence studies.